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Spray Foam insulation creates a solid barrier within the framework of your agricultural chick15structure; this solid reinforcement can increase your building’s strength by up to 200%. Spray foam insulation is easily applied over metal or wood surfaces without needing any additional materials. Our spray foam insulation not only creates an air seal, it also stops condensation, and completely insulates the walls and ceiling.

You will receive heat retention of 72% in the structure with one inch of foam applied. A second half-inch will boost the efficiency to 81%. Adding two inches of foam allows the heat retention to climb further to 86%. With the third inch of foam the efficiency shoots to 90%.

You will receive the highest ROI or Return On Investment with normal heating requirements when one and a half, to two inches of foam are applied. After two inches of foam application the cost is not recovered substantially in savings. If you need to make your agricultural buildings, stronger and more cost efficient while reducing bird, rodent and beetle damage then your choice is simple, call Green Earth services to get your quote on Spray Foam insulation today.

Green Earth Services applies agricultural spray foam insulation in Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina, Tennessee and Florida. It does not matter if you need our services for one chicken house in Hartwell, Georgia or twenty in Athens, Georgia. We service large farms and all their hog, chicken and farm structures or a one man operation with only one chicken house in Royston, Georgia. No job is too large or small. If you are located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama or Elberton, Georgia call us today. Green Earth Services is committed to servicing all the agricultural spray foam insulation customers throughout North Georgia, Lower Alabama, or the Piedmont of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and beyond. If you need to insulate your farm call us today and let’s seal your leaks with agricultural grade spray foam insulation.

Green Earth Services Spray Foam with Barnseal

Greatly extend the lifespan of your chicken house while reducing normal wear and tear and greatly increasing its efficiency. Another huge benefit is that our spray foam insulation will work to lessen beetle, bird and rodent damage!


  • 3.4lb and 6.7lb formulations are primarily utilized to seal Poultry and Hog houses
  • 3.4lb Green Earth - Barnseal White Foam
  • Applied as liquid expands about 25:1 ratio Rigid, Closed cell spray foam that seals the structure and improves light reflection
  • 6.7lb extreme Peck Proof foam seals wall plate and footer. Rigid closed cell foam that provides air barrier and moisture barrier Very tough almost like a truck bed liner
  • Now contains DBK Additive - Darkling Beetle Killer – to further extend the life and performance of our spray foam insulation for agricultural applications!