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Atlanta Spray Foam Insulation

installerSpray foam insulation is used in Atlanta as an air sealing product for residential wall and ceiling cavities. Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane spray foam insulation used in Atlanta that is applied, via special equipment, into wall cavities and expands to fill all the nooks and crannies in a wall cavity. Once the cavity or void is filled any protruding foam is scraped flush with the studs to form a uniform wall cavity. Spray foam insulation Atlanta is an easy way to completely fill wall cavities with insulation therefore sealing in the conditioned air in the same step.

The most common insulation method used is fiberglass insulation batts, which are placed between the studs and stapled in place. The drywall is then nailed over it, creating a straight wall. Although this is perfectly acceptable, it does not create an airtight seal, so heat will escape. The amount of heat loss from the average home in Atlanta daily can easily fill a blimp. That results in a tremendous amount of wasted money and energy! Sprayed foam materials cost a little more than traditional fiberglass batt insulation in Atlanta.

However, since sprayed foam both insulations and forms an air barrier, it can be cost competitive with batt insulation in Atlanta because it eliminates the steps for air-tightness detailing (such as caulking, applying house wrap and vapor barrier, and taping joints). And the largest benefit achieved with spray foam insulation in Atlanta is through the savings in reduced heating and cooling bills in Atlanta for years to come. Polyurethane spray foam insulation in Atlanta is good forever –it does not breakdown, dissipate or sag.

Spray foam insulation Atlanta, GA is also very convenient for filling small spaces—such as window jambs, small stud bays, rim joist areas, and for sealing around electrical boxes and other penetrations—where cutting fiberglass batt insulation to fit can be difficult and labor-intensive.

Many sprayed foams used in Atlanta are environmentally friendly. Most of them do not contain HCFCs that are harmful to Earth's ozone layer, or off gas formaldehyde—a potentially harmful volatile organic compound. Polyurethane foam insulation Atlanta has about twice the R-value per inch of traditional batt insulation, making it more energy efficient in a smaller space.

By using the more energy efficient practice of spray foam insulation in Atlanta, in walls and attics, you create a more efficient air-tight envelope. This gives an advantage over common batt insulation in both efficiency and cost. If you are looking for green approaches to energy efficiency in Atlanta Georgia than look no further than Green Earth services and Green Earth Spray Foam® polyurethane spray foam insulation and start sealing up your savings today!