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Johns Creek Spray Foam Insulation

headerpix9Saving on Energy Bills

As shown through energy audits, a lot of heat escapes through the attic and the walls of traditionally insulated structures. The reason for this is the porous nature of tradition al fiberglass insulation which allows air to pass through the product. Green Earth's polyurethane spray foam insulation is quite the opposite it is applied into every void and therefore does not allow air to escape by filling in the structures air envelope in structures throughout the city of Johns Creek, Georgia. This fairly new approach to insulating structures in Johns Creek, GA has multiple incentives from monthly HVAC bill reductions to the green nature of the product and the fact that you are reducing energy consumption.

In order produce the best possible thermal envelope, you must understand the second law of thermodynamics. This law states that heat flows in one direction, from a warm space to a cold one. One example of this is when the warm air inside a home flows toward the cooler air outside during winter months.

Fiberglass batt insulation helps with this problem but is not the best method for preventing this from occurring. There is a much better application to ensure that your conditioned air stays inside. That method is spray foam insulation polyurethane Johns Creek and it is easily installed and affordable to have installed in Johns Creek along with the added benefit of being a green energy wise application. Green Earth's Spray Foam Insulation is not just claiming to be “green” it is actually "Green" certified and qualifies for LEED points.

Insulating Johns Creek Residences and Businesses

Here's how to insulate a large space with spray foam insulation:
First, do a test spray. Remember, this material expands to about 100 times its initial volume, so use it conservatively.

  • Next, spray evenly between the studs and on the backside of the exterior sheathing. Allow it to expand so it fills all the gaps.
  • After allowing the foam to form and set, take a handsaw blade and shave away any foam that extends past the studs. The foam needs to be flush so that it won't be an obstacle when you're ready to install the drywall.

Even though application is not complicated –you can waste a lot of product if you are not an experienced Green Earth Spray Foam Insulation Johns Creek installer. If you want to get the job done cost effectively it is cheaper in the long run to let the professionals at Green earth Services install your Green Earth Spray Foam Insulation in Johns Creek since they have already invested money into the proper training and equipment to make your application the best it can be therefore enot wasting product and insuring the best possible coverage ergo the best reduction in energy usage and savings on heating and cooling bills.