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Lawrenceville Spray Foam Insulation

Atlanta Spray foam insulation is a far superior option to the rolls of pink, fiberglass-filled insulation many of us remember seeing on construction sites or stapled to the interiors of our own walls and attics? Why is Atlanta spray foam insulation a smarter option? It’s more durable, Eco-friendly and highly efficient.

Green Earth Services adheres to any surface and has massive expansion capability. It comes out as a liquid, is sprayed onto anything needing insulation and quickly expands to provide extremely thorough coverage. Trying to make your Lawrenceville home more energy efficient? Green Earth Services of Lawrenceville, GA will seal even the smallest cracks that more traditional types of insulation cannot.

Green Earth Services spray foam insulation does not break down over time, thus it offers you an incredible return on your investment. Unlike some types of insulation, spray foam insulation is incredibly durable and doesn’t disintegrate. This not only provides you with peace of mind, it saves you money in the long run by lowering energy costs and removing replacement expenses in your Lawrenceville home.

Environmental Protection
We don’t want mold, allergens, moisture and pollutants infiltrating our Lawrenceville home’s environment. Spray foam insulation has a high infiltration value that ensures that these things remain at bay in your Lawrenceville home. Plus, it helps you cut down on your use of energy because of its high thermal value and lowers your Lawrenceville home’s energy bill.

There are two major types of spray foam insulation in Lawrenceville – open and closed cells. In open cell insulation, the bubbles break and allow air to fill the gaps. In closed cell insulation (which has a higher R-value, meaning it measures better as a thermal resistor) the bubbles are filled with a gas and the spray foam hardens. Open cell spray foam insulation remains soft and rubbery.

Which type of spray foam insulation you use depends on your specific insulation and energy conservation needs, and if you’re unsure what these are, we’re more than happy to help you not only identify them, but meet them as well, with our spray foam insulation services for your Lawrenceville home.

Spray Foam Insulation is liquid polyurethane that forms into a solid, foam-like substance once it hits a solid surface. The liquid state allows it to penetrate fine cracks and holes in the surface that products like fiberglass can't protect. Since the entire surface area is sealed, it is much more energy efficient than any other material available.

It keeps more warm air in your Lawrenceville home during cold months, and keeps it out when it becomes hot. Your electric bill will reduce, saving you money and helping the environment. Buildings with spray foam insulation also sell at higher prices, adding value to your property in Lawrenceville.

Green Earth Services' Spray Foam Insulation also discourages pests from burrowing into your Lawrenceville home. The insulation is difficult to tear through, and it can be sprayed along cracks and openings to ensure that no uninvited guests attempt to slip inside of your Lawrenceville home. You'll no longer have to fumigate with dangerous pesticides. It can also help keep moisture out, and is excellent for preventing mold and water damage to your Lawrenceville home.